5 Surprising Things About Morning Sickness

As beautiful as pregnancy can be, it doesn’t go without physical side-effects that can be painful and uncomfortable. You’ve dealt with all the changes that the experience has thrown at you this far and then you are subjected to morning sickness.

 It helps to understand the lesser-known things about morning sickness, so we’ve made a list of the 5 most surprising things:

1. “Morning” sickness isn’t a morning thing

The name is actually very misleading and though some may experience this, bouts of nausea can strike at any given moment. Morning Sickness can be a single event or for some unfortunate mums to be, last all day.


2. There’s no specific time period: it depends

Everyone’s experiences with pregnancy will vary as such the amount of time nausea last depends. For 75% of women it generally starts around 6 weeks and can end anywhere between 12 & 14 weeks. 

3. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have symptoms

It is unusual but some may experience very little or no nausea symptoms. This just like frequent nausea is completely normal. Although some studies have suggested otherwise, it’s important not to generalise your situation.

4. Your partner can experience morning sickness too!

This is probably the most surprising of all, but strangely enough men or women can experience what their pregnant significant other does. A 2014 study showed that partners can develop Couvade syndrome otherwise known as “Sympathy Pregnancy”.

5. Lemon can help

Lemon can be a lifeline when you’re inundated with nausea: many pregnant women find the citrusy fresh smell appetising.

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