A Moment with our Founder...


We recently had an incredibly insightful chat with Kerris our Founder, about how she discovered our amazing elixir and shared some of the science behind why it works so well in the fight against stretch marks in pregnancy. Here’s what she had to say...


‘When I was breastfeeding Clover my youngest, I wanted to put some time into researching why the products worked on my skin. Like I was saying, I’ve gone through three pregnancies and it’s worked really well. Now my mind was ticking over about why? What was in the oil that has helped me so much, and being able to have three pregnancies and have no stretch marks? Why had I experienced these amazing results?


When you’re breastfeeding, and I’m sure a lot of Mums will agree with this, you’ve got a lot of time on your hands where you’re just sat and can’t really do much. It was usually three O’clock or four O’clock in the morning when my research into Japanese Camellia oil went into full swing. What would benefit the skin as much as I was experiencing?


That’s when this world opened up to me, about why this product is so good. It’s non-comedogenic which is a really big thing. It won’t clog your pores, it’s not going to cause any blocked pores, any blackheads, any reactions, because it is just a natural product that you can use on your skin. It is very high in polyphenol antioxidants which again fight free radicals, fantastic for anti-aging, we all love that. So again, great to protect the skin.


Omega fatty acids is a really big one as well. They are a natural product that your body needs to protect itself. Your body uses oils naturally to protect your skin, but the way that we are naturally wired means we wash our skin a lot, we use detergent on our clothes. So, a lot of the natural oils in our skin get taken away.


 Our oil is putting it back, putting that protection back onto the skin. It’s rich in omega 3 which is easily absorbed and light on the skin not sticky. Some people don’t produce a lot of oil, I’m one of those, I don’t produce a lot of oil naturally at all. I get dry skin; I get the flaky almost… crocodile-like skin. This is putting that oil back onto the skin to protect it and causes that barrier which stops any sensitivity.


It’s anti-inflammatory as well, so if you are experiencing that itchiness, that tightness, it’s going to help to soothe the skin. It’s great for so many things, eczema, dry hair, dry cuticles, all these things. It’s just an all-round great oil that can be used everywhere. But especially when your skin needs that little bit of extra help.”




Made with mothers in mind. Okaa-San is a natural care system with a base of Japanese oil. Filled with nutritious ingredients, the oil soothes skin and minimises the appearance of stretch marks.

 Paired with a unique bamboo brush, Okaa-San aims to promote healthy skin from bump and beyond.


To see Kerris and Okaa-San's story click here: http://bit.ly/TheOkaa-SanStory

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