7 Pointers For How To Make Life Easier For Your Pregnant Partner

  1.  Antenatal classes

    There will come a time where your loved one will attend classes to prepare them for labour and their baby. It can be lonely and strange being in an environment without anyone you know especially if you’re a first-time pregnant mother. Supporting your partner or even suggesting the idea of antenatal classes shows that extra care.



    1. The little things

    As your partner progresses through pregnancy, everyday tasks will become more difficult to complete and just add to their stress. Supporting your partner can be done in various ways and doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Helping out with the laundry, cleaning the kitchen or cooking dinner that day can help relieve that extra stress.



    1. Communication is key

    We do it every day, but we take it for granted: talking. During a life-changing situation like pregnancy, it’s especially important to take time to understand your partner’s point of view and feelings. Take a moment to discuss how you feel: be honest but considerate of each other’s feelings and emotions.



    1. Be informed

    The moment you find out that you’re going to be a parent, you’ll be immersed into the world of pregnancy. If you’re feeling lost, you can imagine how confusing it might be for your partner as they’re going through it. Reading pregnancy books, picking up pamphlets, attending classes…All these things help you find out more about pregnancy and parenting, enabling you to support your partner as best as you can.



    1. She’s important

    Your significant other will be feeling vulnerable and maybe even a little insecure with the huge changes pregnancy brings. Compliments and noticing little things about your partner will improve their self-esteem.



    1. Learn together

    Pregnancy is an experience that involves more than just mum. Anyone who is a part of a mother’s support system can learn about pregnancy as mum does too. A father has such an especially important part to play but try not to worry too much. This is a journey where you can support each other as you learn about parenthood.




    1. You can be involved in feeding

    You won’t be breastfeeding your little one no, BUT you can be a major source of support. Learning about the process of breastfeeding and just being there will really help your partner. If your partner can’t breastfeed reassure them and guide them through your support. Making up formula and offering to cover night feeds are some ways to help.



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