Top 5 Crazy Gender Reveals

It used to be a simple visit to the doctor and a warm embrace with your significant other but now gender reveals are bigger than the event of pregnancy itself! If you really want to push out the boat, why not take some inspiration from these top 5 crazy gender reveals.


Manic manicure

New nails can make a mum-to-be feel pampered but this mum decided to take a pamper session to the next level. Although nails might seem incredibly unusual for a pregnancy announcement that’s not the shocking part: her middle nail was topped with a small cake figure designed to send a plume of pink or blue smoke out.

Credits to da_nail_lady (Instagram)


Mum’s motorbike

Rochelle Graham-Campbell found a way to include her husband’s love for motorbikes in their gender reveal. She took a video of her stood next to her husband revving the wheels and pink smoke rolling out.




Dye-ing to find out


Amber Sacrison, a hairstylist, wanted to have her dyed pink or blue for the reveal. It was a double surprise for Amanda as she got royal blue locks and found out she was having a bouncing baby boy.

Credits to Amber Sacrison - Hair Artist


Parade for baby

Mom Sarah Bardo attended a party out in New Orleans for her friend’s gender reveal. As they explored the city for a week, the time came for the parents-to-be’s gender reveal. They opened a box full of pink hats and feather boas. The group headed out to the streets led by a band as they threw pink beads and danced in the street. What a way to celebrate!



Gender reveal-by paintball

This dad-to-be really did take one for the team when he volunteered to be the main star of their gender reveal. A friend found out the gender after being given an envelope with the information. He then filled a paintball gun with that colour: Chelsea Ellington fired the paintball gun at her husband, with a bright blue smattering all over.



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