The Top 7 Strangest pregnancy cravings

Many of you have experienced weird and wonderful cravings during pregnancy.  Some are certainly weirder than others. Here are our top 7 strangest cravings :

Meat lover (not really)

It might seem unbelievable but yes pregnancy cravings can make someone suddenly turn into a meat lover or conversely become a vegan.  User The2ndMistress said “I'm a meat eater. But could not stand even the thought of eating meat for most of my pregnancy.

KFC, hold the chicken

You’ve probably heard of pregnant women craving McDonalds or KFC any fast food that you can imagine really, but it might become a little strange when you just want to consume the gravy, and put it on anything and everything. User quiqonky said “I only craved something specific with my third pregnancy, and it was gravy. Specifically, KFC gravy. I would put a lot on chicken or biscuits until I realized it wasn't enough, and then would just drink it from the cup.”

That one thing

Pregnancy cravings themselves might not be all that weird , BUT you might have that one specific thing or things that you just need to have. User Happy Giraffe said “Buffalo chicken sandwich…from Chili’s. Fountain diet Coke…from Wendy’s…Chocolate glazed donut holes …from Dunkin’s… I just got really, really specific.”

Food…And LOTS of it 

Your craving might be weird in a different way : you might want to raid the shelves empty of your favourite treat only to gobble them up within a millisecond. User TnkrbllThmbsckr said “First trimester: garlic toast, macaroni with butter and milk (no cheese!), and BAGELS!!! I ate an entire bag of bagels every day for like a month. I miraculously only gained 26 pounds with that pregnancy because I was working a very active job 40-60 hours a week.”



Variety is the spice of life

Cravings tend to sit in one of two categories, monstrously unhealthy or strangely unexpected, you may even end up with both. User gadget_girl said “Kid #1: cucumber, grapes, chocolate. Ilk. Kid #2 grapes (again), parsnips, pineapple, Weetabix”.


Out of the blue

    Cravings can surprise you and be things you’ve never tried or usually never eat. User daffodilhill said “My mom really wanted a chili cheese dog when she was pregnant with my twin sister and me. I've never seen her eat a chili cheese dog in my entire life (29 years).”

    Just plain weird

      Some cravings aren’t just unexpected or even unhealthy, they’re just downright strange and really have no explanation. User kezza596 said “My mum ate soap”. We’ve also found this to be the case when speaking with family and friends, especially the strawberry or raspberry scented versions! 


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