You’ve Got This Beautiful Mamma!


Pregnancy really can make you feel like you’re going crazy, can’t it? But don’t panic, you are not alone, and you most certainly won’t be the first or last expectant mamma to be feeling this way!

Regardless of whether your pregnancy was planned or not your emotions can switch from elated one minute, to feeling frightened the next then happy beyond words soon after. Your body and hormones are working overtime growing a perfect mini you…so please beautiful mamma, don’t fret!

Particularly in the first trimester, you will most likely notice that you feel all over the place, oestrogen and progesterone are the culprits when it comes to this often-unnerving mix of emotions and mummies the world over will confirm that they too experienced this regularly.

Pregnancy causes so many physical, mental and emotional changes within your body that it can sometimes feel overwhelming taking all of this change on at once and it can feel almost unfair that you have to deal with this without any pre-warning!

Try not to worry or stress yourself out over these changes, we are often painted a perfect picture in the media that pregnancy is all buttercups and roses. When in actual reality not everyone enjoys pregnancy or how it makes their body feel. This is absolutely and unequivocally beyond ok too! There is no rule book that states that you simply must love every second and that you are to be banished to the ends of the earth for finding it overwhelming. 

These feelings are all completely natural, speak to your partner, a family member, a close friend of midwife if you feel concerned about any feelings or thoughts you are having. What you mustn’t worry about is the opinions of those around you that might make you feel as if you shouldn’t feel, think or behave in a certain way…for certain every first-time mummy can recall a tale of their overbearing mother or even worse, mother-in-law instructing them on what they should and shouldn’t do.


Remember, other people's opinions of you is, quite frankly, none of your business and most certainly has absolutely no need to have an effect on your decisions as a mamma to be!

If, like many, you feel that talking to those around you is just too close to home, why not look at joining a pregnancy forum, chatting to others who are going through the same changes as you can be so reassuring and calming, just to help you realise you are not alone on this incredible journey.

When it all feels like it’s just too much (we all have those days), self-care is always the best go-to. Yours may be a lovely relaxing warm bath with your favourite playlist in the background, beautiful candles lit and your favourite food craving of choice! Half an hour somewhere with a book or magazine for some escapism is always blissful. Maybe you just fancy lying on the sofa watching your favourite Netflix series with a bowl of popcorn balanced on your bump… you’ve earned this, go for it!

Many salons offer a bespoke pregnancy massage, having that ‘me time’ to soothe aches and pains can work wonders for your mindset! If you’re the proactive type and would prefer to get active to help cope with your worries, swimming or pregnancy yoga is a lovely way to relax and can give you the chance to focus your mind on you, and you alone.

However, you choose to cope with the ever-changing stages of pregnancy, know that you are never alone and that whichever way you choose to embrace your journey you are incredible, just the way you are! Remember mamma, you’ve got this!



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